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Paint Hunters
Paint Hunters

Calling us is easy and simple.

Paint Hunters

Need mural chi painting?

It's easier to do it!

Paint Hunters

Leave a comment, and I obov'yazkovo vіdpovіmo.

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Paint Hunters

We kindly ask you 

мурал цена

We know how to support your ideas!

Мурал "Заради свободи" у Києві.
Потяг до перемоги.
B1 Boxing
South Art
Київ Метрополітен
NoMotors Race corp.
Terra Incognita
Biosphere Corp.
Red Bull
Thrash! Траш!
Київ Метрополітен
Leave the application.

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Обо мне
Paint Hunters

paint hunters - the whole team of professional artists, ready to instill in life different ideas and ideas, and to make you fooled by the light of what is really right, the one that is left out of memory.

We have gone through the majestic path to a thorough technology process, on the path to the point where we can inspire you with the best service, as we propagate!

We can ask and cheer you up!

Paint Hunters

paint hunters I offer you my services for the artistic painting of the walls, the creation of the facades of life and industrial life, the painting in the interior, to help transform your Art object or to add performance. Get an individual and professional approach to the skin for you, that to the skin wall.

Your satisfaction is our reputation!

Graffiti to order

Paint Hunters

Our clients.

Paint Hunters
мурал киев

We live for you!

If you have lost your food, do not hesitate to turn to us.

+38 (063) 208 36 57

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Vitaemo! Your message has been sent. Our managers will contact you next hour. Diakuёmo for the beast!

Founded 2018 rock.
мурал Киев

- Ukraine

- Kiev

We have painted 32,000 sq. m

мурал Киев
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