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Paint Hunters

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Paint Hunters

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Paint Hunters

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Paint Hunters

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Paint Hunters
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Paint Hunters ©

Paint hunters - is a team of professional artists ready to bring to life a variety of ideas and wishes, and immerse you in the world of something really real, something that will remain in your memory.
We have come a long way in improving process technology, on the way to surprise you with the best quality of services that we offer!

We can interest and surprise you!

Paint Hunters ©

Paint hunters offers you our services for artistic wall painting, in particular the facades of residential and industrial buildings, painting in the interior, we will help you transform your art object or complement the performance. Always an individual and professional approach to each of you, and to every wall.

Your satisfied look is our reputation!

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Paint Hunters ©

Our clients.

Paint Hunters
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We are always glad to see you!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

+38 (063) 208 36 57

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Since 2018.

We are painted
32 000 square meters.

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